OMOiKANE is a research company, offering state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solutions and boutique audience management consulting services. Specialising in Natural Language Processing, we provide a combination of text analysis, data mining and Machine Learning capabilities, that enables our clients to extract deep insights from their text data. The produced intelligence allows organisations to understand how their audience feels, plan and engage with bespoke campaigns, make intelligence-led decisions and factor in public opinion accurately.


Initially founded in 2012, in Piraeus, Greece, the company engaged in collaborations for the implementation of EU-funded NFRS Projects, in the contexts of Social Research, Public Health, Marketing Planning, Rebranding and Information/Dissemination Campaigns, for the Hellenic Government. Operations would become international and move to London, UK, in late 2018, with the portfolio of services shifting towards specialisation in A.I.-enabled audience management. The entity was proudly registered as a limited company in 2021.